Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning and Preservation Services

Let’s be honest—Every bride knows when it comes to the perfect wedding, it’s all about the dress! Here at One Price Dry Cleaners, Bonita Springs we want to make sure your perfect gown remains perfect. Accordingly, we now offer various services that will surely cater to every bride’s need! Whether it’s alterations/touch-ups before the ceremony or cleaning/ preservation after the momentous occasion, One Price Dry Cleaners Bonita Springs is here to help!

According to Sally Lorensen Conant, Executive Director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists:

“Cleaning your gown is the single most important part of the preservation process and all the stains, including the hidden ones containing sugar that turn brown over time, must be removed”

So DON’T DELAY—Trust One Price Dry Cleaners to retain the brilliance of your Wedding Gown for years to come!

** Now Offering **

Price List for Wedding Gown Cleaning!
  • Light Gowns—————————————————–One Price
  • Med beaded Gowns——————————————-One Price
  • Heavy Gowns—————————————————-One Price
  • Long Train—————————–(additional cost may apply)
  • Box Packing—————————-(additional cost may apply)
  • Light Gowns
    One Price
  • Med beaded Gowns
    One Price
  • Heavy Gowns
    One Price
  • Long Train
    (additional cost may apply)
  • Box Packing
    (additional cost may apply)
Bridal Gown Dry Cleaning and Preservation

Keep your dress looking as beautiful as the day you bought it


Just think:


Bought the perfect dress but need alterations? NO PROBLEM!
Tailoring your dress for the next bride-to-be? NO PROBLEM!
Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Alterations

We now have on-sight tailoring at the Bonita Springs location for wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses!

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Tailor
  • Alterations–Zipper–Corsets–Mending—Beaded–Couture Work
  • QUICK Turnaround!

Questions, Concerns, or Need an Estimate?

One Price Dry Cleaners Bonita Springs strives for complete customer satisfaction so stop by anytime and speak to one of our specialists—We’re more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns—and provide you with AFFORDABLE QUOTE!

Bridal Gown Dry Cleaning Train – Veil – Beaded – Plain – Mesh – Satin – Lace

One Price Dry Cleaning Bonita Springs understands the importance of dress maintenance, so we provide several options for Customer Retrieval:

  • Receive Gown Pressed and Hung In-Person (Ready for Use)
  • Receive Gown Pressed and Properly Preserved in Tote/Bag (Ready for Use)
  • Receive Gown Pressed, Properly Folded, and Securely Packed in Box for Shipping and/or Extra Preservation (small, additional cost may apply)
  • All packaged/preserved gowns are protected by acid-free layers of fine tissue

Bridal Gown Preservation

The Perfect Dress is Something worth Maintaining! Save the Gown for Memories or Pass it down for Future Generations –Preserve and Store your perfect Wedding Dress for a LIFETIME!

One Price Dry Cleaners Bonita Springs wants to makes sure that your Wedding Dress is Clean, Well-Maintained, and Perfectly White!

–No More Worries about Stains or Yellowing–

One Price Dry Cleaners Bonita Springs stands by our Preservation and Cleaning Process so that your Wedding Gown remains as*Perfect* and *Brilliant* as the day you bought it!

Our highly accolated preservation process includes:

  • Explicit and Individualized Inspection for any and all stains
  • Pre-treatment for effective stain removal
  • Eco-friendly, Acid-free Cleaning
  • Restoration where needed